About Us


Raqim Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works to alleviate poverty in Afghanistan. Our aim is to help empower the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan by partnering with local and international NGO’s in creating impact projects; and by providing financial assistance, technical assistance and support to grass roots groups, as well as dedicated individuals that are directly involved in implementing community-based development and relief projects. .

Executive Board

G. Faruq Achikzad, Chairman and CEO

Zarlasht Achikzad, Co-Chair

Tor Achikzai, Vice president
tel; 801 230 2913; e-mail:torachek11@gmail.com

Yama Achikzai, Treasurer and CFO;
email: yachikzai@aol.com

Abdullah Achikzad, Vice-President/Secretary
tel 718 625 6823; email:zachikzad@aol.com


Board of Directors

1 Khaled Bashir Wais Achikzad
2 Mahboob Acheckzai Zemar Achikzai
3 Rohullah Sharifi Sohail Bayan

Representatives and Project Manager:

Ajmal Karimi
Email: ajmal.karimi50@gmail.com

Dawood Ayazi
Email: ayazi01@yahoo.com
Cell Phone: +971 50 672 9202
Home Phone: +971 2 445 0628

1 Maroof Achekzai Zaheda Barakzoy
2 Sohail Rahman Khadeeja Shaikh
3 Danielle Delvecchio (Graphic Arts) Sultan Latif
4 Jeff Ubois Sarah Porter
5 Ghulam Feda Herb Behrstock


Mr. Nowroz Ali (UAE)