Unemployment On the Rise In Afghanistan

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TOLOnews.com By Rafi Sediqi 14 May 2013

Less attention of international community to work on building of infrastructure in Afghanistan is a cause of unemployment rise in the country, officials said.

Afghan minister of labour and social affairs who was summoned to the excellent patek philippe copy watches uk upper house on Tuesday said that most of international community's funds hasn't been spent for priority needs of the people.

Meanwhile, a number of senators said that the ministry of labour and social affairs has not made efforts to reduce unemployment rates in the country.

Minister of labour and social affairs said that lack of sufficient budget and also inattention of international community to build infrastructures caused a rise in unemployment.

"In the past ten years, a lot of job opportunities have been created but the donated money has not been provided to us and has been spent in projects that were not necessary. The international community hasn't paid attention in this regard," Amena Afzali minister of labour and social affairs told senators.

On the other hand, a number of senators believe that unemployment is the main reason why most Afghan youths are leaving for neighbouring countries. Senators urged the ministry to adopt necessary strategies to address the problem.

"Unemployment has caused insecurity and immigration of Afghan youths to other countries, but an appropriate strategy must be adopted to reduce unemployment in the country," Bashir Ahmad Samim a senator said.

"Today most of workers are going to the neighbour countries to seek jobs due to lack of job opportunities in their own country. The ministry of precious rolex cellini fake watches labour and social affairs has not been able to reduce unemployment rate in the country," Senator Ali Akbar Jamshidi said.

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs emphasises that paving the ground for employment in the country requires more time.

The minister said that a number of the countries have pledged to employ Afghan workers, however these commitments have not been implemented.

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